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Consumer Reports Magazine was and is still consistent when it comes to providing buying information. This is a magazine that will not let consumers make the wrong choice. And with the Internet around, it has become easy to get information that buyers need to have. This is a magazine that reviews products and services based on the following factors:

  • Warranty

  • Company Commitment

  • Quality of the product

  • Reliability

  • Affordability

Consumers have embraced E-commerce and are finding it easier to place an order online. After purchasing, consumers are going back to leave a feedback - it could be positive or negative. If the product added value to their life, the feedback is certainly positive. It is from these reviews that new customers are able to identify the best product to purchase or service website to order from.

Students as Consumers

Students encounter challenges when it comes to completing their writing projects. It is not easy for them to write impressive essays unless they have created a schedule. Unfortunately, very few students have time tables and not all of them also have the discipline to follow it. These are some of the reasons that prompt students to place an order online. There are essay writing companies online that are ready to complete essays for students. However, the only thing that is needed for students is to make the right decisions when selecting essay companies.

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Reviewing services for writing companies

Not all essay companies online will give you the paper that you need. We have uncertified essay companies that take advantage of desperate students, lure them into placing an order, take their money and in return submitting a sub standard paper. But you can make your choice in order to avoid this by reading consumer reports from

How we work understands students and that is why we do not let them make the wrong decisions. We know how it is awkward to work with a company that does not meet demands. We also know how it is wonderful to order from a genuine company. Therefore, we have decided to provide customers with information to enable them distinguish between the bad and the good companies online. We use students who have worked with essay companies before. We have also created a numerical ranking system of the best companies based on the quality of the paper they produce, reliability, affordability and customer care.

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